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The Solution To All Your Worm Farming & Composting Problems

Keeping it simple is the best thing you can do when managing a worm farm. This doesn’t necessarily mean less is more – it’s more like focus on the basic concepts of worm farming and the rest will take care of its self:
  • Aeration: Every time food scraps are added to your worm farm always mix the new foods scraps in with the old
  • Diversity: A human body only surviving on coffee is not really a thriving body, and by now we all know variety is key. Try and add a minimum of 5 different coloured food scraps. Just make sure your aerating regularly.
  • Aliveness: This goes hand in hand with aeration. It’s ok to add food with mould, just make sure you are combining it well with castings and other food scraps. This will allow microorganisms to get in contact with food quickly. Just make sure you are aerating regularly.
  • Moisture: Worms thrive in a dark and moist environment – generally speaking a lot of moisture content is provided form the food scraps that are breaking down in the scraps. Just make sure you’re aerating regularly.
You’ve probably noticed the statement “just make sure you are aerating regularly” we can absolutely guarantee you that almost any worm farming or composting problem can be solved by aerating regularly. This means combining new and old ingredients, like you would when mixing wet and dry ingredients of a cake.,
You’ve got this, and remember just make sure you’re aerating regularly

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