Kids playing with a can o worms compost
Kids playing with a can o worms compost

Subsidised Council Worm Farm and Composting Packages

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Tumbleweed have been designing and manufacturing innovative products that encourage consumers of all ages to reduce, re-use and recycle organic waste for over 25 years. To further enhance our commitment to the environment Tumbleweed has developed an innovative video tutorial platform and tailored sustainability packages to help councils tackle food waste at the “Source” – Home.

These videos feature interactive animated prompts to Q&A’s. We believe this will have the ability to reach thousands more community members to minimize food waste and maximize behavior in Australian homes.

Tumbleweed is teaming up with local councils to promote social responsibility in communities through our Sustainability Program. Three Eco-packages have been developed so that all Councils have the opportunity to get their residents involved in the fast-growing War on Waste movement to recycle household organic waste at the source. In addition to this Tumbleweed is continuing to expand its offer to all Councils in developing more innovative video tutorial platforms.

Sustainability is more than just recycling, it’s about renewability of your thoughts about waste in the household and overall behavioral change and with so many food packaging options available for consumers, making a purchasing decision can often come down to what they identify with at home and what waste habits they have in the household.

Two good reasons to get your Council engaged in a

Sustainability Package

Composting & Worm Farming

Benefits of household’s home Composting and Worm farming

children looking at a worm fam

If the household understands how to home compost and/or worm farm properly through new innovative technologies – they will not only be effective in reducing Greenwaste & Foodwaste going to landfill & ultimately overall methane reduction, they will be changing their behavior, a key driver in the current National Food Waste Strategy. Our belief of diverting food from Landfill at the source “Home” is a very underutilized practice, however the most efficient, optimal and Eco-friendly solution.

There is plenty of research into with respect to compost and worm farm soil derived humus having the ability to hold carbon and the significant role in mitigating global carbon emissions. There is even more trending research that growing your own food yields better-tasting food with a higher nutritional value. We’ve all had that friend with the organic garden and after trying one of their vegetables had the “Wow! That tastes so delicious and fresh!” reaction.

Home composting and worm farming with the family especially children and growing your own food brings friends and communities closer together. There’s nothing in the world better than something made from a home garden!!

Average Current Expenditure Costs for an Australian Council

The cost of not recycling.

The cost of disposing waste at Australian landfills can often climb up to A$265 per tone in certain states in Australia - expenditure that usually always finds its way back to councils, businesses and families.

On average and presently, 52 per cent of all waste is recycled and the rest ends up in landfill. This is substantial and if household communities are to help take the pressure off local councils who bare a significant proportion of the burden – behavioral change in the house hold is needed.

An average Council with respect to rates, expenditure on services and the breakdown of household waste is shown below.

Home Composting and Worm Farming programmes in the household although not the cure – all for our waste minimization issues can complement Council sustainability programmes and more importantly help change behavior at “Home”.

Average Yearly Residential Rates | Tumbleweed
Average Residential Rates Expenditure on Services

Behavioral change starts at home

Household Domestic Waste
Household Domestic Waste Percentage
Food Scraps & Garden Waste
Domestic Wastes Stream

This is only part of the complement of sustainable programmes available at Tumbleweed.
Our products have been designed and manufacturing in Australia using 100% recycled plastic
derived from Australian suppliers.

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Happy Composting & Worm Farming!

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