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Worm Farming in an Office Space

Written by Tumbleweed Admin

Does your office recycle their organic waste? If not, it’s never too late to start!

We spoke to Janine from Cohort Innovation Space to find out how they effectively worm farm in their office, so you can introduce the idea to your workplace too!  

Why did you start worm farming in the office? 

Janine: There was no waste separation happening and I was looking into the bin and thought “we could do better”. That inspired me to start a worm farm in the office.

Where is your worm farm located?

Janine: I’ve placed the worm farm outside, right in front of the office building. This ensures people see it as soon as they walk in, so they’re already mindful that there’s a way to recycle their organic waste. 

How do you motivate people within the space to use the worm farm?

Janine: I like to emphasise that worm farming is a really rewarding experience, as not only does it divert organic waste from landfill, but we can use the beautiful castings and worm tea we receive to grow our own plants. We have a sustainability section in our newsletter where I like to educate the office on worm farming, what to feed it, and what benefits it provides. I also send out regular communications through our Slack channel, to remind the office we have a worm farm to recycle their food scraps in.

How do you ensure that the worm farm isn’t getting too full? 

Janine: I’ve created two signs that I change around depending on how full the worm farm is. I find that having fun, colourful signs makes the worm farm more intriguing to people who are walking past.

How do you inform others about the rewarding experience of worm farming?

Janine: I held an event for the office to talk about the rewarding experience of worm farming. We demonstrated how you can use the worm castings to grow your own food, in a fun way! We grew some mint in the office using the fresh worm castings we received from our office worm farm. This mint was then used to make Mojitos for our event! This showed everyone that they can worm farm, by feeding the worms their organic waste and using the castings to grow their own food at home.

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