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Which worm farm is best for me?

Do you want to start worm farming but just don’t know which one to get?

We understand that it can be a challenge to choose a worm farm to take home, especially when there are plenty of options to choose from. That's why we created a quick guide in understanding which would be best for you.


Before considering a worm farm, there are a couple things you need to keep in mind:

Time - How much time do you have?

Worm farming is an easy process, but it can also be time consuming. Luckily there are options perfect for you, whether you're time-poor or time-rich.

Waste - How much organic waste you need to recycle?

Each worm farm recycles an amount of organic food waste each week, depending on its capacity. So whether you are a small household with minimal food waste, or a large household with plenty, we got you

Space - How much space you have in your backyard?

There are worm farms for all sorts of environments. Wether you're an apartment dweller or an acreage owner, there is a worm farm perfect for your space.


There are three different ways you can worm farm.




For more experienced gardeners, who like to get their hands dirty. These worm farms have large capacity working trays, which allows you to recycle more organic waste.

Perfect for:

  • Large families
  • Keen and experienced gardeners
  • Plenty of organic food waste
On-Ground Worm Farming



In-ground worm farms are designed to be embedded in the soil in your garden. It’s easy and low-maintenance – just install it in the ground and the worms will do all the work for you.


Perfect for:

  • Beginner worm farmers
  • Time-poor gardener, low maintenance
  • Growing plants in a raised garden bed


If you’re worried about the amount of space, you have and whether it’s enough to cater for a worm farm, this is probably the better option for you. It’s easy to use and creates nutrient-rich worm tea for your indoor plants.


Perfect for:

  • Beginners worm farmers
  • Composting in small spaces

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