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International Compost Awareness Week Australia is here!

International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is the largest and most comprehensive education initiative of the compost industry. This annual event aims to raise awareness about the benefits of composting and encourage more people to compost their organic waste. Celebrated in the first week of May around the world, this year the initiative will run from the 5th- 11th May – promoting composting practices and sharing knowledge about organic waste into nutrient-rich compost for gardens and agriculture.

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Throughout the week ICAW events are held all over Australia and the world with communities, schools, government, and industry hosting activities to encourage and celebrate composting on all scales. The 2024 theme: COMPOST Nature’s Climate Champion! Incorporates the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Composting helps achieve these targets by:

• Decreasing Methane 
• Helping Climate Change Mitigation
• Reducing Fertiliser inputs
• Increasing resilience
(source: Compost Research & Education Foundation)

Tumbleweed provides complete Composting solutions and Worm Farming products. All our worm farms and compost bins are designed for longevity and manufactured in Australia from Australian sourced recycled plastic. Importantly, they’re supported with user-friendly information to help you and your family have fun and benefit by turning your organic waste into nutritious fertilizer that will bring life to your garden and strong sense of well - being.

Strong, durable and highly functional, you can be sure that your award-winning Tumbleweed product will not only realise the immense benefits of home composting and worm farming, but help reduce Co2 emissions by diverting food and green waste from landfill which is currently one the Australian Government key initiatives under the “NATIONAL FOOD WASTE STRATEGY HALVING AUSTRALIA’S FOOD WASTE BY 2030"

To find out more or get involved visit: ICAW Australia

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