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How to: Adding a new Worm Farm Tray

Are you ready to add a new Tray to your worm farm? You can use the below instructions how to add a new tray for the Worm Café, Can O Worms, Worm Factory or Tumbleweed Cube.
  1. Make sure the current working tray is about two-thirds full of castings and food scraps. The material needs to be this high so it connects with the bottom of your new top tray so the worms can wriggle their way up⁠
  2. You'll need a working tray, garden tool, gloves, new scraps and some carbon material ⁠
  3. Place the new working tray on the ground beside your worm farm, and scoop about 3 handfuls of castings and scraps into this tray⁠
  4. Now you can place this tray on your worm farm, give it a good push down⁠
  5. Add your new scraps and carbon to the new top tray, give a gentle mix and place a blanket on top. ⁠


Watch our YouTube video here for more information  

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