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Create your own: Sustainable Backyard Powerhouse

Turn your food scraps into soil to grow your own food.
Worms are amazing creatures! These living fertiliser powerhouses are full of countless beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help sustain the fertility of all our horticultural and agricultural systems. Worms dig and aerate the soil, allow more water to soak in and increase the carbon in the soil by breaking down organic material which allows plants to build stronger and deeper root structures.
Recycling food waste at home is easy with a worm farm. Worms eat more than half of their body waste every day, so they are extremely efficient recyclers. You don’t need a lot of space, and if you’re growing your own food at home you can install a worm farm directly into a raised garden bed. The Worm Buffet is a low maintenance solution for turning your food scraps into soil to nourish surrounding plants. It’s the perfect way to close the loop in your backyard to create a complete sustainability powerhouse of permaculture.
Worms move in and out through the holes in the unit to digest kitchen scraps and deposit rich castings into the surrounding soil. In-ground worm farms are easy-care and do not require castings to be harvested. Instead, worms free-range and work in a sustainable system of delivering the castings directly into the surrounding soil, fertilising your plants and building your soil health.
The Worm Buffet will recycle up to 2kg of kitchen waste every week, and is a scalable solution – if your household is producing more waste, simply install more units. The Worm Buffet is a compact unit that is designed to allow the maximum amount of growing space in your veggie beds for increased growing productivity. To get started you’ll need a Tumbleweed Worm Buffet, Worm Farm Bedding Block and 500 Worms – if you’ve got another worm farm you can supply your own worms. Simply install the unit directly into the garden up to the flange just below the lid, and ensure all the holes in the sides are covered to allow the worms to travel. Add the expanded bedding block and worms into the base of the Worm Buffet, and add your food scraps!
To get started, you can purchase a complete starter kit here:
Happy worm farming!

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