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The Reln Garden Pet Poo Worm Farm is the most exciting and revolutionary composting system to hit the marketplace in generations and is the result of years of research and ongoing development.

Worms are Mother Nature’s unique natural recyclers. By putting worms to work in your very own easy care farm, you will be converting your pets waste into rich organic fertiliser that the worms will disperse throughout your garden naturally.  The Reln Garden Pet Poo Worm Farm will allow you to harness the power of composting worms, so you can personally become part of the revolution to reduce landfill and greenhouse gases by recycling your pets waste.

How the Reln Garden Pet Poo Worm Farm works:
Worm castings and liquid fertiliser produced (worm tea) are wonderful additives to gardens.  The worms burrow through the soil, taking decaying organic matter with them down into the lower layers of the soil leaving behind tunnels, which give plants a better structure for their roots. The Reln Garden Pet Poo Worm Farm allows the worms the freedom to move into and out of the Worm Farm, feeding on the organic matter and then leave taking it with them. This also allows improved water flow through the soil improving clay soils. As worms move back up through the soil layers to the Pet Poo Worm Farm they bring with them rich nutrients, which the plants roots can access.

By using Reln Garden'd Pet Poo Worm Farm in your garden, you will see exceptional results in the colours and vitality of your plants and flowers as well as your lawn and trees. If you want to relocate your Worm Farm to nourish a new part of your lawn or garden simply move and watch your garden grow.  

Download Pet Poo Composter Instruction Manual

Reln Garden Pet Poo Worm Farm is available from Bunnings Warehouse or online,

This product is covered by various forms of Intellectual properties.

Features and Benefits

  • Compost your pet droppings fast
  • Free organic fertiliser to enrich your soil
  • Create and encourage fantastic plant growth
  • Perfect for backyards and gardens
  • No mess - no fuss - no odour
  • A piece of art for your backyard
  • Full instruction manual included


  • Vermin proof rim
  • Non slip foot pedal
  • Stylish fitted lid
  • 115cm Height
  • 52cm Diameter
  • 45cm Width

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