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My worm farm has been overtaken by flies and tiny bugs!

01 May 2012

The most effective way to rid your worm farm of undesirable creepy crawlies is to add a sprinkle of dolomite a couple of times a week. We have our Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner, which will balance the PH levels in your worm farm; effectively making the environment ideal for your worms and uncomfortable for any other organisms. You can purchase this through your local Bunnings Warehouse.

I recommend doing the following if you have an insect infestation:
Get a small hand fork, and dig and ‘fluff’ up (aerate) the top feeding tray.
Sprinkle on a couple of teaspoons of Dolomite Lime (“Compost & Worm Farm Conditioner).
Get into the practice of adding a few handfuls of good soil on top of the food scraps every time you feed your worms.
Ensure that you have a ‘worm blanket’ on the surface of the feeding tray at all times.

I hope this helps.

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