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How should I prepare my compost for Spring?

12 Apr 2012

Spring is a wonderful time to use the compost that you’ve been preparing through the year, but first of all you need to make sure it’s ready to go.

The first thing to do is start a new compost heap – that way you’ll leave the existing one to mature! Then get out your ‘Compost Mate’ spiral-mixing tool and mix the old one every week – that will speed up decomposition.

As the days warm up, the microbes and worms in your compost will become more active, so they’ll need some extra nutrition. Add some extra ‘Compost Conditioner’ and a few handfuls of chicken or cow manure each week.

It’s also important to protect your compost from drying heat. Cover it up with a Tumbleweed circular Can-O-Worms blanket, a hessian sack or an old woollen jumper.

How do I know when my compost is ready?

Your compost will be ready when it’s a rich dark colour and the organic matter is completely broken down.  You’ll notice it has a beautiful earthy smell.

Use your Compost Mate to pull the most mature compost from the bottom of the pile then spread it over your garden beds and dig it in. Now its ready to plant!

PS… If you don’t have a ‘Compost Mate’ already, I suggest you get one! They are ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, for mixing, aerating, and speeding-up your compost!

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