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240 Litre Compost Bin Kit


The 240L Compost Bin is ideal for a grassy area that produces about 3-4 catchers of grass clippings.

Similar to the 150L it has a sliding door at the base of the bin so that it allows you to grab the 'good stuff' without disturbing the decomposing compost on top. 

Kit contains

240 Litre Compost Bin

Aerator - Spiral tool that will mix your compost better than a fork

Compost Conditioner - Keeps unwanted bugs out and keep your soils acidity levels neutral

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to assemble collapsible 240L Compost Bin
  • Composts kitchen scraps and garden offcuts
  • Suits medium suburban backyard / gardens
  • Aerated moisture retaining technology
  • Strong, lightweight and easily portable
  • Fitted lid restricts flies from entering
  • 3 x access doors for easy compost extraction


  • 100% UV protected recycled plastic
  • Capacity 240L
  • 78cm Height
  • 77cm Width

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