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 Worm Farms and Accessories 

Our most popular Worm Farm

Perfect starter Worm Farm for kids

Great for the keen gardener


Perfect in ground worm farm
for Veggie Gardens

Keeps your worm farm
sweet and healthy

Kitchen Tidy - Scrap Collector

Round Worm Farm Blanket

Rectangular Worm Farm Blanket

 Pet Poo Composter
Dog Poo Composter

 Live Worms
Tube O Worms - 500 pack

Tube O Worms - 1000 pack

Tube O Worms - 2000 pack

 Compost Bins and Accessories
Portable Tumbling Compost

Perfect for inner city

Suits your suburban


Perfect way to aerate your

Ergonomically designed to
mix compost

Suitable for Worm Farming, 
Composting & In-ground 
Worm farm

 Spare Parts
 Spare Parts

Spare Parts

 Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Spare Parts  

Buy Kits Online
Buy Kits Online

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