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If your garden produces a variety of garden waste, this sturdy compost bin could be the best way to turn it into a rich fertiliser for your fruit plants, vegetables and garden beds.

The Reln Garden 220L Compost Bin sits on any surface and is easy to use.

Simply load your bin with grass clippings, small pieces of garden waste and kitchen waste then clip the lid in place to keep flies out and darkness in.

Mix your compost every two days with an Aerator or Compost Mate to speed decomposition, and evenly distribute oxygen and water.

The award winning Reln Garden 220L Compost Bin is manufactured in Australia from 100% recycled plastic, and has been sold to Australian households for over 21 years. You’ll find it’s the only compost bin to offer a 12 year warranty!

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Features and Benefits

  • Australian made
  • Strong lightweight and easily portable
  • 12 year Guarantee 
  • Fitted lid clips into place and restricts flies from entering


  • 100% UV protected recycled plastic
  • Capacity 220L 
  • Height 77cm 
  • Diameter 71cm

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